How to choose an attractive title for your content:

 Writing web content or a blog is a totally different thing from your regular pieces of writing. You do not want to write just for the sake of yourself. In order to reach your audience properly you have to make sure that whatever content you are writing is readable, interesting, and helpful for the readers. In order to do all that, you have to first consider a catchy and attractive headline for the content that you are about to post. Choosing such a title is in itself a very thoughtful process and there are certain things that you should consider before choosing the best title for your new piece of writing or a new blog that you are about to post.

Relevance to the article:

Just in case you think that the content that you are posting won’t attract as many readers as you want, you might be considering bluffing your readers by posting a title that is very attractive but is not relevant to the content that is beneath it. Well such an article would never be chosen by the search engine. Nowadays the algorithms and processes used by search engines to provide the most relevant content to the reader are very elaborate. So, you need to take help of professional SEO Company in the UK to make your content more visible and optimize it properly you have to make sure that whatever headline or title that you are choosing is completely relevant to what you have written inside the blog post. And there are a lot of ways to turn your boring titles into catchy ones no matter what topic you are writing on. All you have to do is to understand the psychology of your reader and everything would be in line after that.

Adding Number in your title:

When we talk about the psychology of the reader or the people in general, it is a fact that a title has more than 50% contribution in making your content more effective. A tip to make your heading even more effective and intriguing for your reader is to ass a number of figures in your title. All the companies working in the domain of web development might not understand the importance of this thing completely but this is very important. For example you can write “10 things you didn’t know…..”, “5 things I wish I knew….” And “89% Pakistanis believe…..” etc. Such titles would make a person consider your content more effective and readable.

Logicality of your content:

You have to make sure that the title suggests that your content is logical and has some reasons to support whenever you are saying. This is called creating a rationale about the content. People seem to be more interested in the content that is written with some logic to back it up. If your content is based on logic and rational explanations of the things than you should be getting more viewers than what you expected. That is why your title must suggest that it is providing an answer to some question that has been bothering your reader or some weird fact that your readers would love to know.

Make the readers attentive:

Most of the content that you might be posting would come in front of your readers’ eyes when they are busy. What if the just skip out reading the title in the very first place? In order to deal with this issue you have to make sure that whatever content you are posting has some attention-seeking words in it. Our brain has a tendency to respond to the words that are alarming or asking for your attention. Let us say if you write exclamatory words like Attention! Listen! Etc. then you are probably going to make the person stop scrolling randomly and read your title at least once. This is a trick that you have to do but in a very subtle way. There are many ways to grab the attention of a busy reader. It all depends on your thought process that how you want to connect with your readers and what first impression you are willing to make. The key is to understand your readers and then everything would be easy.

Keep it short:

You might think that writing longer titles would attract more readers as you will be able to effectively convey what is inside your article but sadly this is not true. You have to make sure that your title is precise enough to convey the sense to your readers without making them bored and stop reading. It should not be more than 62 characters or 6 to 7 words. In this way you will be putting all the sense of your title in a few words and a reader can understand what is in your post about even in one glance.

Add a subheading in your content:

You might be thinking how you can convey the sense to a reader just by writing a small precise heading? This is true. You cannot make your reader understand why he should be reading your article just by a small heading. All you can do is to develop his interest in your content and grab his attention specifically and making him want to click the link. But in order to make sure, that this urge to click gets stronger you have to write one or two lines as a subheading. This will guarantee to make the reader wants to see what is inside your blog post. You have to precisely summaries all your content just two times and make sure that it is attractive enough as well. This might sound tricky but if you would look at things with the mentality of the reader, things would become very easy to understand for you as well.

Hence if you choose a title by keeping all these things in your mind your content or web site is certainly going to get the visits that you want. So, play smartly.

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